Penn’s Time to Shine

I was looking around for some time lapse videos, and I found this one of Penn’s Time to Shine celebration. Thought you guys might enjoy!


The Power of Memory

I’m just having a reflective moment when I marvel at how incredible the human body is. I’ve been thinking about memory because as the summer session 1 comes to a close, we all have our own memories of how the class has been going on how we all feel about each other. However, at least for me, I have almost no recollection of specific feelings or detailed accounts of what occurred, even though some of it was as recent as 2 weeks ago. Because classes only go for 6 weeks, one would think that it’d be easier to retain information and to also reiterate everything that you’ve been learning. But I’ve actually found that my information retention has been about the same, if not worse than during the regular school year and I wonder why that is. If anyone has any clues, please do comment below. It’s been a fantastic summer class guys!

1 Second Everyday App

My project 5 was inspired by this Iphone application that I found on kickstarter a few months ago. The app is called “1 second everyday” and essentially is a way to document and remember your life in one second videos filmed once daily.  The intention of the app is to help people remember their day to day life and “seize the day.”  Below is the a link to the Kickstarter page that further demonstrates the app (for some reason the video would not embed):

Your Life in Jellybeans

This is a great project that’s circulating right now:
Jelly Beans

It’s fairly self explanatory. I really love how powerful this simple video is using candy (I see a recurring theme with artists using candy in art projects) as a visual aid. The point is very simple and is kind of obvious through the video, but visually it’s beautiful.