Personal Narratives via Sneakers and Shades

I’m applying for this internship with this fascinating company called GloWing Communications, and they specialize in helping organizations tell uplifting stories that nurture people’s souls. I was reading one of their articles and thought it might be worth sharing: click here.

It’s about a former NIKE sneaker customization designer trying to create a similar model for sunglasses. I felt it related to this class because as an art&design course and in talking about narratives, it’s interesting to assess how we tell narratives just in what we wear. The colors, designs, and background of where your clothes/accessories come from say a lot about who you are and where you’ve come from, which is fascinating. So when we create art or design something, we’re already building a narrative about the person that’ll be using it or what purpose it’ll be for.

The wonders never cease 🙂


The Power of Memory

I’m just having a reflective moment when I marvel at how incredible the human body is. I’ve been thinking about memory because as the summer session 1 comes to a close, we all have our own memories of how the class has been going on how we all feel about each other. However, at least for me, I have almost no recollection of specific feelings or detailed accounts of what occurred, even though some of it was as recent as 2 weeks ago. Because classes only go for 6 weeks, one would think that it’d be easier to retain information and to also reiterate everything that you’ve been learning. But I’ve actually found that my information retention has been about the same, if not worse than during the regular school year and I wonder why that is. If anyone has any clues, please do comment below. It’s been a fantastic summer class guys!

Your Life in Jellybeans

This is a great project that’s circulating right now:
Jelly Beans

It’s fairly self explanatory. I really love how powerful this simple video is using candy (I see a recurring theme with artists using candy in art projects) as a visual aid. The point is very simple and is kind of obvious through the video, but visually it’s beautiful.

Narrative: Portraits of Grandmas and their Cuisine from Around the World

They say a pictures is worth a thousand words. This is what popped up into my mind when looking at this delightful set of pictures.

“Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti realized that trying to not overeat over at your grandma’s place has got to be a universal thing, and set out to explore what grandmothers cook around the world. His Delicatessen With Love photo series portray grandmothers from 58 different countries, each posing right before they start cooking and then presenting their signature dish in the end. His own grandma and a dish of her raviolis was what gave Gabriele the idea for the project. Check out these photos, radiant with love and care!”

The before and after of the food from each respective, juxtaposed with the culture, is amazing. Although there is a variety of foods and cultures presented, there is something universal about the love and care that these women put into their food.


Italy (Swiss Chard and Ricotta Ravioli with Meat Sauce)

Italy (Swiss Chard and Ricotta Ravioli with Meat Sauce)


Brazil (Fejoada Light)

Brazil (Fejoada Light)





Third-Grade-16x20-lowres i-am-here-fantastic-social-photography-project-1


For our final project, I’m considering working with something that can help classify identity. Identity is so complicated, but I feel like these two images do a great job of trying to tie identity in with (1) expressions and (2) where people live. The first is more commonly thought of – so and so always smiles this certain way or makes this certain funny face, but the second isn’t always thought of; trying to identity who lives where and humanize a non-human building. It may seem like just another government project but seeing images of those who live there really gives insight to the demographic and ethnocultural composition of the building’s residents which I find quite intriguing. So perhaps that will help me with my thoughts.