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1 Second Everyday App

My project 5 was inspired by this Iphone application that I found on kickstarter a few months ago. The app is called “1 second everyday” and essentially is a way to document and remember your life in one second videos filmed once daily.  The intention of the app is to help people remember their day to day life and “seize the day.”  Below is the a link to the Kickstarter page that further demonstrates the app (for some reason the video would not embed):

Walking by McDonalds

Hi everyone!  Just about 10 minutes ago, I walked past McDonalds, looked through the window and saw something pretty interesting (to me at least).  It appeared for a split second as if there was an ambulance parked inside McDonalds until I realized that it was parked right behind me on the street, of course, and it was merely a reflection.  Nevertheless, there were two men eating, one in a wheelchair, that were right in line with this ambulance.  I thought that this was a pretty neat and ironic, albeit accidental, juxtaposition that conveyed the dangers of eating fast food.  I snapped a quick picture on my phone, but one of the men started to stare at me so it was a bit rushed.


Funny IPhone Camera Satire

Today’s readings made me think of this funny Iphone 5 promotional video spoof that was made prior to the Iphone 5’s release.  It is a playful comment on the excessive use of the camera feature on the Iphone and the essentially useless things that they are used for by the average person.  This video is actually funny so give it a watch!

Claes Oldenburg

After sharing my idea for project 4 yesterday, Professor Comberg suggested that I look up the works of Claes Oldenburg.  We’re all familiar with his button sculpture, but his other public artworks are undoubtedly just as incredible, if not more incredible.  His works tend to be larger than life, public, and feature ordinary if not mundane objects.  Pictured below is one of his works that professor Comberg mentioned in class.  The picture is actually his presentation model, but the piece serves to suggest psycho-sexual problems with America’s military.  The actual sculpture stands at Yale University.Image

After doing a bit of searching, I found a manifesto of sorts that Oldenberg wrote in 1961.  It is titled “I am for an art” and is especially interesting considering the class conversation that we had this week.  The link to this piece is right here:,,9780141191799,00.html?sym=EXC

In this statement, Oldenburg provides a rather extensive list of types of art that he “is for.”  Some of the items on the list become bizarre or absurdly specific.  I believe that his overall message in this and his work in general is that absolutely anything can become art given some originality.  This comes through in his art as well as he has accomplished a seemingly unlikely task of getting people to marvel at objects such as a spoon, a trowel, and even a button.

Bathroom in Van Pelt


I promise that I’m not obsessed with urinals or bathrooms or anything of that nature, but this project reminded me of a sign that is in the men’s bathroom in Van Pelt.  It reads “The relief you are now experiencing is made possible by a gift from Michael Zinman,” and hangs above the three urinals in the first floor bathroom.  Zinman is a businessman and philanthropist who wanted to poke fun at his fellow donors who have donated largely public facilities in there own names.

Cool “Push- Pull” wooden lamp






I found this really cool lamp design by Forrest Jessee.  What makes it really unique is that it enables the user to become the designer and experiment with light by pushing and pulling blocks in any direction (restricted by  a pivot) to create different forms.  The wooden frames slightly reminded me of my plan for Project 3 so I found this particularly interesting.