Narrative Photography

There is a interesting group on Flickr where people post their photo narratives and other people evaluate.

I know this is a bit late but you should check it out! There are some funny stories 🙂


Sunday Night/Monday Morning

This was the final project of Brynn Shepherd’s Senior Fine Arts thesis at Penn. It includes photos of The Grand Central Station in New York City and the Philadelphia skyline

For those ones who want to take a look, here goes the link:




In some way, this project reminded of Marcel Duchamp, an amazing artist in the early twentieth century. He was one of the most famous in the Dadaist movement, which intended to throw mild obscenities, scatological humor, visual puns, and everyday objects (renamed as “art”) into the public eye in order to provoke an emotional reaction (typically shock or outrage).

Here are some of his arts:

Fountain – Duchamp

L.H.O.O.Q. – Duchamp
The title is a french pun, when pronounced in french it sound like “Elle a chaud au cul” > “She has a hot ass”

Street advertising

As an advertising major, this project reminded me of some Guerrilla Marketing  cases. Although this actions are not considered art for most of the population, and have different purposes from the Critical Design, it is still interesting to see the way they take consumers by surprise, and pop up where and when people least expect it. Take a look:

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sound to light

murmur is an architectural prosthesis that is connected to a wall, and enables the interaction between passers-by and the LED light. It was tested in an ‘echo’s room’, designed and created by participating studios (chevalvert, 2roqs, polygraphik and splank) making reference both to the audio effect achieved and to greek mythology.

By turning sound waves into light waves, it creates a magical effect, a mystery in the way that sound waves filter through the space. It represents the key technique of the device: building a luminous bridge between the physical and the virtual world, manifested in the unconventional dialogue between the public and the wall.

Murmur — From sound to light, by talking to walls. from Chevalvert on Vimeo.

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