From the video description on the plot of the short:

DalĂ­: “A magical display of the problem of life in the labyrinth of time.”
Walt Disney: “A simple story about a young girl in search of true love.”

A surrealist short on what I think is a beautiful example of a narrative.


Owned Objects as Portraits

A series of photographs that show objects individuals in a family owned. An interesting study on how identity is related to our physical posessions.

Also, I recommend browsing Behance or other portfolio sites whenever you need inspiration.

“Don’t get ready, get started”

Hey, so I don’t know if you guys are familiar with IDEO, but it’s a design consultancy based in Palo Alto that focuses on creating innovative products and design solutions for clients.

I’ve attached an article and video from their founder on building creative confidence, and I thought it offered some nice inspiration for taking the steps to go from concept to creation.


Fireflies on the Water


While not directly related to either the last project or the next one, I thought this was an amazing example of using lights in an art installation. The room’s floor is filled with water except for a walkway viewers can walk on, and the walls are mirrors, creating a completely reflective room for the lights to play tricks in.

The artist Yayoi Kusama really plays around with creating the perception of infinity so I think she’s worth checking out. She’s back in Japan, but just the past fall, she had the Fireflies on the Water exhibition at the MoMA (which I unfortunately could not check out in person…).