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Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson is one of my favorite photographers.  I feel that he could be a great source of inspiration for this project.  Crewdson creates elaborately staged surreal narratives and photographs them with an 8×10 film camera.  The production value of his projects are equivalent to that of a short film.  His photographs are dramatic, raw, and emotional.  Here are some of my personal favorites. gregory-crewdson-19 images crewdson1 artwork_images_424065188_769172_gregory-crewdson

When the notion of public intervention was introduced for project 4, I instantly thought of the reverse graffiti artist Paul Curtis aka “Moose”.  Utilizing stencils, power washing tools, water and the filth on walls created by pollution, Moose creates temporary murals on dirty city walls and tunnel walls that are gradually degraded by a re-accumulation of filth.  This way of creating art makes a strong statement about the human impact on the environment.


Here is a link to a clip from a documentary about Moose


Diet Wiegman Light Sculptures

When thinking about light modulators I was instantly reminded of sculptor Diet Wiegman.  Wiegman creates sculptures out of trash and random items. The sculptures themselves seem like arbitrary configurations. The beauty arises when light is cast from a particular angle on these sculptures. Intricate and clearly intentional impressive shadow designs are cast on the bare wall behind.  His ability to modulate light and create form out of shadow is astounding.  Here are some examples…