Picture every day for 12 years

Title explains it all. Guy takes a picture every day from 2000-2012. That’s dedication.


“How wood is cut”

Doesn’t have anything to do with our assignment of the week but I thought it was cool enough to share to you guys. I found this on reddit, it’s a really great work of art.


Pictures from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge

A photographer by the name of Joseph Carnevale goes to the most dangerous spots to capture amazing photos. And sure enough, he was ballsy enough to climb up the cable of the Golden Gate Bridge and actually make it to the top. I always wondered what it looked like up there. The photos are amazing, I had difficulty pasting them into this post but here’s the link: http://www.nopromiseofsafety.com/?p=1680

Bosso Fataka

I just discovered this group of urban artists in Berlin that take trash and make art out of it. They make sculptures out of garbage and use saran wrap as adhesive. Which I guess is fairly ironic, considering how much plastic they are likely wasting to make their art. In any case they make some stuff, you can check out a youtube video of them here.


Light Show in Hong Kong

Last summer I visited my friend in Hong Kong and saw one of the most impressive light shows I’ve ever seen. Hong Kong government mandates each skyscraper to participate in a light show that comprises of the entire skyline, and the light show happens every night! You can see it from most parts of the city but the view is best when you watch it right outside Hong Kong Island. Albeit it’s very touristy and the lights are queued to very corny music, but nonetheless an amazing sight.


Data visualizations made from code

I just discovered an artist by the name of Martin Watternberg who focuses on data visualization. He expresses art in very interesting ways that also have informative value as well. For example, the picture below represents the average color of 33 thousand pictures of search results for nouns in Google:Image

And another artist, Jer Thorp, used Processing to map out all tweets with the term “just landed in”:


Flat design

Recently I’ve been getting into web design and last week’s readings reminded me about the latest trend in web design, which people have been calling “flat.” Flat design focuses on simplicity and typography. In fact, this very blog is in flat design! It stresses the need to get rid of shadowing and outlining (or, whatever creates an illusion of multiple layers within a webpage). This, in many ways, resembles Loos’ feelings about decoration in design. A provided a few other examples of flat design below: