Cindy Sherman and the Untitled Film Stills

The post on Gregory Crewdson reminded me of an exibit I saw on Cindy Sherman, specifically her work titled “The Untitled Film Stills.” In this set of black and white photographs, “The artist poses in different roles and settings (streets, yards, pools, beaches, and interiors), producing a result reminiscent of stills typical of Italian neorealism or American film noir of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.” The stills have an incredible authenticity to them, drawing on clichés and classic american narratives to reflect female roles and stereotypes. Its incredibly easy to fill in the story that each still pertains to.

When I first saw the exhibit, I had never heard of Cindy Sherman and was surprised to find out that the stills were not taken from actual movies and that it was the artist posing in each iteration. She was partly my inspiration for my fourth project when I tried to compose my face that would draw on the stereotype of the “intellectual author.” Here are some examples that span the work:




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