Instagram as Art

Joyce’s wonderful project as commentary on Instagram reminded me of an Instagram account that I saw earlier this year. The account is a beautiful collection of photographs from around the world. In each of the photographs, the subject is a woman holding the photographer’s hand dragging him forward on a journey particular to the specific location they are in.



The entire account is beautifully curated and truly answers the question: Can Instagram be art? In this case, it is so far removed from random shots of arranged food and friends cheesing it up during happy hour that the account itself does become a work of art. Each photo on its own is nice, but the collection stands together as a very strong piece. The viewer is dragged into each picture by that mysterious hand. The back of the woman in the photographs creates a feeling of familiarly. The curve of her back displays the sensuality of the photographs. Her arm reaching out and pulling the reader displays her courage and, yet, her small stature in these photos foster a feeling of vulnerability. Her anonymity draws us into the mystery of the photo. She could be anyone dragging the viewer on the adventure. Truly the draw of the photographs is that the image is so familiar and so easy to relate to, and yet, the environment, culture, clothing, and feel are different in each.

One of my favorites is: #followmetovenice

Behind the mask

Behind the mask


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