the xx (light and shadow play)

Two weekend’s ago, I was in NYC for a music festival (Governor’s Ball). Although it was super muddy because of the rain that Friday (ick), I got to see one of my favorite bands, the xx.

Their performance was almost haunting- it seemed like they were in a trance/”in the zone” while playing their music. Their light and shadow stage effects definitely added to this vibe. While seeing this, this reminded of the light modulator project. Below are some pictures I took of their performance.

IMG_0902IMG_0914 IMG_1077 IMG_1163 IMG_1171

What I thought was especially cool was the third picture. They somehow manipulated the light to make it look like an oil spill to emulate their latest album cover:



They decided to use an iridescent oil spill for their album cover because:

“You see a puddle of petrol on the floor — it can look sort of beautiful with the colors that come through it. I looked it up on Google or whatever, and it said oil and water don’t mix, they peacefully coexist? And that’s what it is when you see those colors. I liked that idea: those two things coming together to make something more beautiful than they are. And I liked the idea of us three coming together; only when the three of us are together, that’s when it exists.”

To me, this is an intersection of art (visual art and music), design, and digital culture (advance light manipulation) as a means of expression.

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