3rd Ward Philadelphia

So, there is this space called 3rd Ward in Brooklyn that’s sort of a artist space where people can come in work and collaborate. You pay a membership fee which gives you all-access to the space. They also offer classes in subjects ranging from digital design, cooking, business development, programming, writing, to fashion. They also hold events. It’s essentially a haven for creative folk. The second branch of 3rd Ward opened in Philadelphia in mid-May in the Northern Liberties neighborhood (my favorite neighborhood in Philly). The address is 1227. N. Fourth St.

Interiors_0001 Interiors_0014 Interiors_0018 ZTT_0151


Although being a member of the space is rather expensive ($149/month). They hold really cool events. One such event is “Drink & Draw: Live Figure Drawing & Drinks” ever week (Wednesdays from 8:30-10:00) where they provide beer and a model for you to drink and draw. Other upcoming events include an “Etsy Craft Party” this Thursday, which will be a potluck/craft exchange/craft making party. There’s also a BBQ this Saturday as well.

This place looks awesome- I’m definitely going to try and check it out this week.


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