A little piece I just read about Adolf Loos’ life

This morning, while perusing the Czech news outlets (the government was just raided by the police yesterday, so it’s not doing that great over there), I ran across an article about Adolf Loos commemorating in part the upcoming 80th anniversary of his death. You can try google translate of the news article, but I’ll summarize the important parts/parts I found fascinating here in this post.

1. Loos was born in Brno, a city culturally Moravian, within Czech borders (Austro-Hungarian empire at the time).
2. He was a terrible student. He attended a Technical Building School in Liberec, from which he was failing out and he eventually left. Paradoxically, there is a monument to him in Liberec. I guess that’s what being a bad student does? Gets you a monument.
3. After he moved to Vienna and built the Goldman & Salatsch building with its square windows and minimal decor, Franz Josef was so offended by how ugly he thought this building was that he moved his quarters to another section of his palace so that he wouldn’t have to look at it.
4. He designed the interior of a residential dwelling with a two story living room space and yet a very normal looking facade. This was very uncommon for the time and was one of the many things which attracted students of architecture to visit from far and wide.
5. He invented his own class to teach in Vienna.
6. I found fascinating that the article focuses on the interior spaces that Loos designed. He really left a huge mark on the Czech lands designing the interiors of many buildings in Plzen (home of Pilsen beer), in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), and two villas which still stand in Prague (Muller Villaand Winternitz villas.)

Winternitz villa

Winternitz villa

There is an exhibition on his work now until September in Prague.


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