Performance Art

I thought I would end my blogging binge with one final type of art: performance art. A couple years ago I saw an exhibit at the MOMA called “The Artist is Present” by Maria Abramovic. The main feature of the exhibit occured on the first floor, where the artist remain seated at a table every day for 8 hours straight while people took turns sitting across from her. People would wait in line for hours to sit across from the artist and stare into her eyes. Some people would leave crying. Its an interesting moment of intimacy, or as some people would argue, lack of intimacy. I asked one person who got up too leave what is was like. He responded, “it was life changing. She just understood me.” I was pretty surprised by his passionate response. The artist sat there everyday for three months. 

On the top floor of the museum were more of these performances. Many of them were involved nudity, violence, and were overall quite shocking/disorienting. But it was nonetheless, a very interesting exhibit unlike anything I had ever seen before. 

There’s an interesting documentary about her and this specific exhibit by HBO if anyone is interested in learning more. 




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