Wall Lamps

modern lamp design, lamp, modern design


I’ve been thinking of what the best way to situate my lamp for this project will be and there are pros and cons to each alternative.

  1. I could make legs for it the way Brian did – but the colored paper that I’m using for the frame of my lamp is all finished. I’d have to use a different color paper and I feel like that would rob the project of its aesthetic beauty.
  2. I could also hang it on hangers, but then I’d want it to swing back and forth or twirl 360 degrees or something.
  3. There’s the option of hanging it on the wall, as depicted above and that could be very, very cool. But I don’t want to buy 3 more extension cords just to do it…

In reference to the image above, I like how it’s very simple and actually looks like something one might want to have in her home. For now, I’m leaning towards placing it on the wall…but also maybe using hangers  and hanging that on the wall…

So I’ve decided that I’m going to get some portable LED lights and attach those to the wall and then place the lamp wherever i want once the light is attached to the lamp.

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