American-Made Clothing

I was walking back from work last week and saw a sign outside a clothing store advertising jeans on sale for $99. My first thought was, “That is a very expensive sale price,” and my second thought was, “This reminds me of our discussion Wednesday about ‘craft’.” I don’t know if you guys have seen this store, but it is beautiful. It is a converted church on 21st and Chestnut called Mettlers. The link to their mission statement is here, and you guys should definitely take a look at the clothing and home furnishings too because they are beautiful. As it turns out, these goods are not even made by hand, but they are all made in America. It reminds me quite a bit of the Arts and Crafts movement, but rather than reacting against factory-made goods (which they actually embrace), this store is reacting against the loss of jobs to workers in other countries. In both cases, there is a clear commitment to bring to the public high-quality products. Just like we talked about on Wednesday, though, it seems “the finest goods made in the United States” are reserved for the wealthy public only–as a poor college kid, I will be stuck lusting after $200 button-ups through the window on my twenty-block walk from work to class.


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