Project 3

This project is influenced by the work of designer Laszlo Moholy Nagy (1895-1946), a pioneer in experimental photography, painting, sculpture and typography. It involves programming in Processing, digital fabrication in the PennDesign FabLb, and the creation of a ‘light modulator,’ using paper and a wireless light source.

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Project 3 readings:

Magic Box: craft and the computer, Eye Magazine
Digital Craft. A New Wave…, Eye Blog
Tangible Digital, Eye Magazine

Artists Working with Light:
James Turrell
Robert Irwin
Dan Flavin
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Olafur Eliasson

Student work.pdf

and other paper products

and more lamps

Above: Photogram, 1923

Moholy Foundation biography

Wikipedia biographical piece on Moholy.

Exhibiiton video on Albers and Moholy

Artist in video, Michael Craig-Martin

See earlier post on laser cut lampshades, here


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Lighting materials can be purchased from Amazon and other sources – paper from art supply stores.
Here are some options to consider for what light source to use in project 3.
First, a simple battery powered LED (or LED cluster). Many colors are available and they’re all quite cheap.

Example 1

Example 2

Colored Example

If you want a more natural, flame flicker feel (yay alliteration), then fake flame candles work well.


There are also colored versions of these.

If your creation is large enough, you could also utilize an AC/DC converter to use any light that’s powered by an outlet… but that could get bulky pretty fast. On the other hand it does open up options such as seasonal lighting or LED light strips.

and here.

led lights


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