Apophysis – Fractal Generator


Since we started working on the Processing project, I’ve been hunting for a piece of software I stumbled upon years ago, and I finally found it earlier today. Apophysis is a relatively old program – it’s been around since well before processing and being open-source will probably exist, if un-updated, for years or decades to come.

You can view it as a more specific version of processing, in a sense – it is designed to create fractal and colorize and permute them based on user rules, allowing the user to influence the output by emphasizing or de-emphasizing traits in the fractal so that those trails are more or less visible in the subsequent iteration, often called a “generation” since there is a sense of inheritance or evolution as the fractals are generated.

Anyway, you can check out the software at the link, but be aware it’s very old and the interface represents that – clunky and kind of slow, but it’s a classic.


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