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Though I didn’t agree with all of Rushkoff’s arguments from the reading this week, I found his claim that technology is making us distracted and that we are becoming dependent on it to be accurate and incredibly scary. I was moving this weekend, and when we needed to go to Costco and Target, my dad turned to a map and I turned to my iPhone. The GoogleMaps app is truly incredible; the second you miss a turn, it reroutes you. Like we talked about in class, I am completely dependent on this technology yet have no idea how it works. My dad and I got to talking about this dependence, and it certainly seems to be a generational thing. That is why I think this article is such a good one: it is about students just like us who actually experienced heart palpitations when asked to spend a day without laptops and cellphones. The article argues that we are actually addicted to technology and experience physical and psychological (feelings of isolation and anxiety) symptoms of withdrawal when it is taken away. What is scariest to me, though, is the fact that it was written in 2011, and it seems that things have only gotten worse.


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