Personal Narratives via Sneakers and Shades

I’m applying for this internship with this fascinating company called GloWing Communications, and they specialize in helping organizations tell uplifting stories that nurture people’s souls. I was reading one of their articles and thought it might be worth sharing: click here.

It’s about a former NIKE sneaker customization designer trying to create a similar model for sunglasses. I felt it related to this class because as an art&design course and in talking about narratives, it’s interesting to assess how we tell narratives just in what we wear. The colors, designs, and background of where your clothes/accessories come from say a lot about who you are and where you’ve come from, which is fascinating. So when we create art or design something, we’re already building a narrative about the person that’ll be using it or what purpose it’ll be for.

The wonders never cease šŸ™‚