Project 2

max composition 2012
Code Composition, Max Wang, Fall 2012

When human beings acquired language, we learned not just how to listen but how to speak. When we gained literacy, we learned not just how to read but how to write. And as we move into an increasingly digital reality, we must learn not just how to use programs but how to make them.
Douglas Rushkoff, Program or Be Programmed

Project 2 intro.pdf

Readings for Thursday, 430:
Form + Code, Repetition Chapter
Computer Science for the Rest of Us, Randall Stross
Program or Be Programmed, Ruskoff

Tauba Auerbach
Casey Reas

Google Doc here
Changing Design    Concepts      Processing

Getting Started With Processing.pdf
Open Processing examples
Proj 2 Fall 2012.pdf
Emigre Puzzler Project.pdf
Code Academy

Add PDF function to your code, like this example:



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