Pattern on a Box


Box pattern

I saw this pattern on a box that was thrown outside on my way to the lab today. I’d describe it as a white pattern on a blue background but in a way, it could be described as a blue pattern with cross sections of white. Due to the way the two colors work together, forms are created that wouldn’t exist if you just had one color operating.

One reason why the box stood out to me was because the pattern is conventionally pretty and catches the eye. But the other reason was because it seemed odd of a delivery box to be so beautifully decorated. Decoration can turn things that are usually dull and uninteresting and sometimes even unappealing to the exact opposite. Simultaneously, it can turn something that was once beautiful in its simplicity to a complete eye sore. So that suggests that there is a line, a a balance that artists and designers have to tread when creating things for people. It’s similar to the boundary between form and function. I think it’s always better to lean toward less decoration and more function, but that’s likely due to the mere fact that I’ve grown up in an age where simplicity is¬†preferable.


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