Handmade Wallpaper



I think this handmade wallpaper is amazing. The article talks about the lengthy process the artist used to make it, which entailed drawing by hand, using digital methods to create a pattern, and then repeatedly screenprinting the design (in multiple layers, no less) to create rolls of wallpaper. The fact that it was partially inspired by music makes it particularly relevant to our project this week. Some of the aspects of the print that Kuhnke talks about also tied in nicely with the Tietenberg reading. He uses natural motifs not as rejection of industrialization and technology, but as a symbol of his connection to Virginia. It makes a strong case that decoration or ornamentation is not a “crime” and can be used for an enriching communicative purpose. This wallpaper would certainly make any room pop, and I know I would love to have it in my home, but I cannot even imagine how much such a painstakingly made item would cost… Loos would have an absolute fit, no doubt.

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