Project 1


Please make sure you get your PennDesign accounts for Monday.
Summer class schedule is here.

The readings for project 1 are:
1 pattern which connects
Ornament and Crime, Adolf Loos

Allan McCollum, the Shapes Project

+ + + + +

Additional Resources:

images associated with the pattern essay are in the Fine Arts library, click here.

Tim Brown’s Ted Talk on Creativity and Play
Magnolia trailer
To Kill a Mockingbird, opening titles
Cornell Lab of Ornithology (bird calls and songs)
Powers of Ten film by Charles and Ray Eames

steinberg country noises

Patterns DDF 2011.1


Maharam Fabrics

Illuminated Constellation, 2011
Philip Taafe

Whirlygig, typeface designed by Zuzano Licko, Emigre, Digital Type Foundry

N O T E S  (a few protocols):
Posting to the blog: post regularly (2-3 per week/about 15 for the course); anything relevant to design and the course focus; embed links; comment freely; tag all posts; write a short note to describe post

Reading discussion leaders: summarize texts/media; identify themes, important names, terms, etc., and most importantly devise a way to engage the class for 10-15 mins. Questions, games, demonstrations – there is more than Powerpoint…

File naming: label your work clearly and logically – yourname.project.details.extension
comberg.project 1.1.pdf;
comberg, project2.sketches.pdf

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